Our May 2013 production was a great success thanks to the hard work of Pauline and her team.
Here is the team!

One member of the audience was so impressed by the performance she wrote a poem about it!
  It was An Unexpected Visit!
As Maud got up off the floor
Pain in the head and chest
Why she was there she was not sure!
She spoke and no one heard her
Though family were in the room
She could talk herself hoarse
All was shrouded with gloom.

Maud realised she was dead
When Trevor Grimethorpe (alias Ken)
Being the local undertaker
Dispatches the body then.
But he's is so full of importance
He really rips off the dead
The family are paying for the rest of their lives
In forever instalments instead
From the very expensive coffin
To the DIY package on offer
Trevor makes sure you don't want that one
He wants the money in his coffer!
One package has trouser-less attendants!
One package you dig your own grave
You bury yourself and fill in the plot
DIY is only for the brave!
Mona was seriously a moaner
She was aptly named
She was out for all she could grab
And poor Lisa was frequently blamed
Derek was positively hen pecked
How many brain cells does it take?
Thinking with the little head,
He paid dearly for his mistake.
As for Madame Romano
Forget fifty shades of grey
How many lives had she had?
 And sexual encounters along the way!
  All the royalty and people of note
Oh yeah! She'd had them all!
Wonder how many lives I have lived?
 Mmm! She'd obviously had a ball!
But between you, me and the gate post
Trevor Grimethorpe I'll give a miss
Preying on the recently bereaved
I felt he was taking the p----
Maud still watched, unseen by the family. Plans for her funeral were not progressing well!
Madam Romano and Reverend Damien Jones revealed some surprises for Lisa about Maud's life .... and death!
Mona was determined to find the jewels and money she believed her mother had hidden.
Anne was scared by Madam Romano's efforts to contact Maud ... until she saw her friend.
Lisa and Derek resumed their romance and Mona was hit by a ton of bricks from the chimney whilst searching for the jewels.
Madam Romano finally revealed HER jewels were hidden in the stool Mona had been sitting on during the seance!
And when the play was all over
On came Ken in a ball gown of grey
Sporting a wig like Harpo Marx
And ending a perfect play

Email feedback received via the website .......

"Congratulations to everyone on a very entertaining and enjoyable night on Friday.The entire audience were kept entertained and I have not laughed and giggled my way through an evening so much for a long time. Also everyone in the room seemed to be having a wonderful time too. It was nice to meet up with old friends, and all this virtually on our doorstep and not costing a fortune. A great evening and very good value. My friend and I will definitely be coming again."

Feedback on Facebook .....

Ian Wakefield:   Last night watched Sharon and the rest of the cast from the Triangle Players in a performance of "An Unexpected Visit!!".  All the cast were excellent and it was the best performance I have seen from the Triangle Players, very well done. 

Tilly Taphouse:   I second that. Congratulations Pauline on a great production & to all the cast & crew, well done. All your hard work definitely paid off.

Thanks to C&G Newsagents, School Road, Tilehurst  for selling our tickets