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As fifty approached Clive decided he needed to relive his youth and told his friend Jack his plan.
He made dates with three women when his wife was away.
Meanwhile his daughter returned home after an argument with her husband!
Clive's 'dates' arrived in quick succession....and left very quickly... and not just because of the Roy Orbison style wig!
A photographer arrived from the local paper but his assignment was not as Clive supposed and the kiss 'for the camera' was with the 'wrong' woman.
Then the eccentric 'date' returned briefly to add to the confusion.
Clive's gift for his new love was mistakenly claimed by Claire as a love declaration from Jack. Jack did not disillusion her ... to protect his friend
 The photographer had originally arrived because of Anita's entry into a competition to win a Caribbean Cruise, not to photograph Clive with his new woman, Emily! When he returned with the photos Clive had to create a credible cover story to explain Emily and the kiss and Jack also had to replace the photographs of the 'wrong' woman with Clive.

Amazingly the photographer accepted the new photos as his when shown other family photos of Clive and Anita
and took more photos and announced them as the winners of the competition.
Clive declared his marriage to Anita was over and announced his love for Emily.
Later, having announced that he had parted from Emily in order to mend his marriage to Anita, Clive received a return visit from his first 'date' Annabel who revealed information which turned the tables again....
and when Emily unexpectedly returned to collect her missing keys ........
a happy ending........