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Three sisters live in a luxurious house on a private sheltered estate for the elderly.
They are all widows and the source of their money is a mystery to everyone, including Eric, the son of the oldest and most disagreeable sister, Miriam.When Eric tries to make a date with Alison, the cleaner, Miriam sacks her for 'making advances' to Eric!
The three sisters share another secret too...something to do with World War II...something that even they prefer to forget. Mary and Martha return from a party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of VE Day to find Miriam waiting up for them.

Mary dies and is found to have been murdered. This is followed by a threatening letter to the other two sisters. Their lives are in danger and their secret is about to be exposed...

D.I. Williams interviews Patricia, the Warden of the housing complex, who was summoned before Mary died. She tells him she is an American and a trained geriatic nurse.

D.I. Williams' questioning reveals surprising information about the large amount of money Miriam controls for the family ... a somewhat unwelcome surprise for the rest of them!
Ruby, the neighbour who now employs Alison as a cleaner, comes to comfort her friend Mary and to be interviewed by D. C Marsham about the VE day party.
Miriam is the next to die
D.I. Williams shares what he has discovered about the history of the sisters from the information Ruby gave at her interview the previous day.
Patricia is arrested for murder ...
... but that is not the end of the story!
Eric then discovers that his 'aunt' Martha is actually his mother and his 'mother' was his aunt Miriam but she is now dead and now Martha has been arrested ... he has lost them both, but at least Alison is still with him. However, as D.I. Williams wryly points out, this does mean Ruby will now have to look for a new cleaner!